Enterprise Product Marketing Manager

Enterprise Product Marketing Manager

This job is no longer open
dbt Labs was founded in 2016 to empower analysts to create and disseminate organizational knowledge. Since then, we’ve grown to become one of the most respected brands in the analytics industry, with adoption of dbt 3x-ing every year since founding. Our success is due in no small part to enormous change in the data space happening on a scale not seen in the last twenty years, as explained by one of our solutions architects in a recent blog.

We're looking for someone with deep hands-on experience as a data practitioner, data product manager, or enterprise solutions architect/sales engineer to champion dbt as the center of the analytics engineering workflow. If you're excited about the evolution of the data space, and have advocated for the modern data stack in the enterprise — either as a practitioner, consultant, or vendor — you have unique insight we're looking for to launch us into our next phase of growth.
In this role, you can expect to have broad influence and authority over a range of cross-functional initiatives like market positioning, messaging, product roadmap, and pricing and packaging. If you're happiest at the center of truly transformational work, and are just as excited to break old frameworks as you are to build new ones, we want to meet you!

Why pursue a career in product marketing?

If you're currently working as a data practitioner, you might be wondering whether product marketing is the right career path for you. I, the author of this JD and the hiring manager for this role, asked the same question several years ago when I made the same shift.

Product marketing granted me access to, influence over more parts of the business than I thought possible in a non-executive position. From messaging to pricing and product roadmap, product marketers ensure the company's go-to-market strategy actually has the impact desired.

But you needn't have a day of marketing experience to excel. Bogomil Balkansky describes the ideal PMM as someone that just has "the right mindset, and the right functional skill set." With a deep understanding of the market and user, you're already halfway to exceptional. And while the cross-functional nature of this role can be incredibly challenging, it's equally rewarding. You'll see measurable business impact from your work, and gain a variety of skills that open the door to roles in product, sales, marketing, operations, and even data leadership.

Who we are

At dbt Labs, we have developed strong opinions on how companies should practice analytics.

Specifically, we believe that:
-> Code, not graphical user interfaces, is the best abstraction to express complex analytic logic
-> Data analysts should adopt similar practices and tools to software developers
-> Critical analytics infrastructure should be controlled by its users as open-source software
-> Analytic code itself — not just analytics tools — will increasingly be open source

It turns out that a lot of other people believe this too! Over the course of the past several years we've built a community of over 18,000 data professionals and 5,000 companies who use our frameworks, products, and workflows to conduct analytics. Our user list includes Monzo, GitLab, Snowflake, Hubspot, the ACLU, Amazon, JetBlue, and many more. Our product, dbt (https://www.getdbt.com/), has come to be synonymous with the practice of analytics engineering, defining an entire industry. We’re backed by top investors including Andreessen Horowitz and Sequoia Capital, recently raising our series C - read the announcement here.

In this role, you can expect to:

    • Operate as our market Subject Matter Expert—providing insight on collaborative and competitive solutions, as well as changes to our primary personas
    • Develop and continually refine positioning for dbt at the enterprise; advise our solutions architects and sales directors on messaging that reflects a high degree of customer understanding and empathy
    • Use your unique knowledge of customers goals and challenges to inform our enterprise product roadmap
    • Work with all members of the product team to drive successful positioning, packaging, and pricing for enterprise products and services
    • Work with acquisition marketing and revenue marketing teams to ensure strategic narrative and product messaging is being delivered consistently at every touchpoint
    • Drive critical business decisions by distilling and directing cross-functional work

You are a good fit if you have:

    • Prior experience as a data engineer, analyst, or data product manager OR experience as a solutions architect, sales engineer, or product manager at an analytics, ETL, BI, and/or open source software company
    • Expert knowledge of the modern data stack, with a contextual understanding of legacy solutions like Boomi, Talend, and Informatica
    • Experience with the buying cycles of enterprise organizations
    • A passion for open source solutions in the data space; you use and might even contribute to more than one project
    • An appetite for staying ahead of a rapidly changing market landscape, and an interest in writing about these learnings

You'll have an edge if you have:

    • Experience as an end-user of dbt and a history of active participation in the dbt community
    • Experience presenting or writing publicly about the evolution of the data landscape
    • Experience building compelling product demos that answer not only "how" but "why now"

Compensation & Benefits

    • Salary: $160-$200k
    • Equity Stake
    • Benefits: Unlimited vacation, 401k w/ 3% guaranteed contribution, excellent healthcare, and paid parental leave
Candidates can expect the interview process to follow the schedule below:
- Phone Screen, Lauren Craigie (Hiring manager)
- Task that demonstrates experience & communication skills
- Task Check-in:
- Carly Kaufman, Director of Solutions Architecture
- Sai Maddali, Enterprise Product Manager
- Department Interview with Janessa Lantz, Director of Marketing
- Final Interview with Tristan Handy, CEO - values
This job is no longer open
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