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Growth Marketer

Growth Marketer

As the newest member of Parabol’s Growth team, you’ll work on deepening our relationships with existing customers through email and product marketing, alongside an inspiringly talented and kind team.illus-stand-my-ground



  • 5+ years experience working in email, lifecycle or product marketing
  • A T-shaped individual: you can work across marketing channels, but have specific depth in either email or product marketing
  • A skilled writer, creator and editor, capable of producing high-quality content with your own hands 
  • Thoughtful and passionate about customer experience and able to take a holistic view 
  • Nerdy about teamwork and helping others - bonus points for familiarity or interest in agile development, org design or Future of Work
  • Data-driven, iterative, and experimentally minded


  • Full-time employment
  • Lead email and lifecycle strategies, working along Head of Growth 
  • Manage communications around feature releases, working with Product team 
  • Produce great content, alongside the rest of Parabol


  • Competitive salary and early-stage equity in a well-funded, fast-growing startup
  • Creative control and seeing the direct impact of your results
  • Quarterly global travel to all-expenses-paid, all-company retreats [Post-pandemic] 

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