Marketing Coordinator

Marketing Coordinator

This job has closed but is shown for context on data science work at dbt Labs.
Fishtown Analytics was founded in 2016 to empower analysts to create and disseminate organizational knowledge. Since then, we’ve grown to become one of the most respected brands in the analytics industry. Our product, dbt, is used by thousands of companies.

We're looking to add a Marketing Coordinator to our team to support every member of the team in just getting more done. This is a great role for a recent graduate who wants to explore a variety of marketing work—running campaigns, sending emails, managing the blog calendar, updating web properties—before committing to a focus area. You'll get exposure to every team in marketing, and become a valued partner in getting work out the door and into the world.

Who we are
At Fishtown Analytics, we have developed strong opinions on how companies should practice analytics.
Specifically, we believe that:
--> Code, not graphical user interfaces, is the best abstraction to express complex analytic logic
--> Data analysts should adopt similar practices and tools to software developers
--> Critical analytics infrastructure should be controlled by its users as open-source software
--> Analytic code itself — not just analytics tools — will increasingly be open source

It turns out that a lot of other people believe this too! Over the course of the past several years we've built a community of 9,000+ people and 3,000 companies who are using our ideas, products, and workflows to conduct analytics, including Lyft, Monzo, GitLab, Snowflake, the ACLU, Amazon, JetBlue, and RentTheRunway. Our product, dbt, has come to be synonymous with the practice of analytics engineering, defining an entire industry. We’re backed by top investors including Andreessen Horowitz and Sequoia Capital, recently raising our series B - read the announcement here.

In this role, you can expect to:

    • Manage our promotional calendar—coordinating with campaign managers to make sure we're releasing on a cadence rather than in fits and bursts
    • Manage our blog calendar—doing the final copy edits on posts, adding CTAs, hitting publish, and running promotion
    • Support on events—working with our Events Managers to ensure we're hitting key milestones
    • Work our product marketing managers on the execution of new feature announcements.
    • Use design templates to create promotional assets for use in blog posts, cover images, and social campaigns
    • Literally, do all the things 😎 You'll get your hands into every part of our marketing work.

You are a good fit if you:

    • You're excellent at time management. If there was a group project to do—you were in charge.
    • You love learning new things. You don't expect to be perfect on the first try, but you're eager to jump in, try it, and get feedback so you can get better. Maybe you maintain a blog or Instagram feed about on of your interests, or you volunteer regularly, or you recently taught yourself how to do something new. We want to hear about these things!
    • You're known for paying attention to the details. Maybe you're someone who enjoys following a recipe when you cook, sends thank you cards, or enjoys research projects.
    • You care about the "why?" Busy work annoys you. You want to know that what you spend your time on matters.
    • You're comfortable receiving feedback. You don't beat yourself up when you mess up, you stay focused on how to improve the next time.

You'll have an edge if:

    • You're a clear, crisp writer.

Compensation & Benefits

    • Salary: $50-65,000
    • Equity: .01-02%
    • Benefits: Unlimited vacation, 401k w/ 3% guaranteed contribution, excellent healthcare, and paid parental leave

What to expect in the hiring process:

    • Initial Phone Screen with Director of Marketing, Janessa Lantz
    • Task
    • Panel Interview
    • Task Review with Head of Product Marketing, Lauren Craigie
    • Interview with Events Manager, Fatima Conteh
    • Final Interview w/ CEO, Tristan Handy
Fishtown Analytics is headquartered in Philadelphia, PA with a majority-distributed team. This role is open to folks based in the United States.

At Fishtown Analytics, we’re committed to building an inclusive team that welcomes a diversity of perspectives, people, and backgrounds.  Whether or not your experience exactly fits the job description above, your passion and skills will stand out and set you apart even if your career has taken some twists and turns.  If you are on the fence about whether you meet our requirements, we encourage you to apply anyway!
This job has closed but is shown for context on data science work at dbt Labs.
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