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Marketing Director

Marketing Director


Sports Reference LLC is searching for a Marketing Director to lead and manage our marketing group. Sports Reference currently serves a still growing 15m monthly users through our Reference sites and a new SaaS business line at Our goals are to double our traffic and increase Stathead subscribers by many multiples over the next three years. Are you the person to find the next 15m users and 45,000 new subscribers in the next three years?

Used worldwide by professionals in print and broadcast and non-professionals every day, our sites are:,,,, SR/College Football, SR/College Basketball,, and

Our Purpose and Values

We answer questions, so our users can grow their appreciation, understanding, and love of the game.

We value:

  • Respect for our users, the athletes we cover, and our team.
  • Tools and products built with craftsmanship in mind.
  • Reliable tools and services that meet our users' needs every day.
  • Data Democratization. We publish many data sets for emerging and underserved sports.


This a new full-time position at Sports Reference. Sports Reference has had a decidedly product focused orientation, and we are now seeking the benefits a smart, driven marketer would bring our company. This person will manage and build the marketing team and capabilities at Sports Reference. We have three talented people currently in customer success, newsletter and social media roles. We anticipate hiring additional staff at the direction of this new hire.

Goals and Tasks for Your First Year (In rough order of importance)

  • Effectively manage a largely remote team. You must have a talent for and interest in managing your team. This includes: holding regular one-to-ones, providing regular feedback and evaluations, and providing the team with opportunities for growth and improvement.
  • Own marketing strategy. Using your understanding of company objectives, you will set goals, make plans, and prioritize work to be done.
    • Drive adoption of our Stathead tools. As a direct to consumer product, we sell through our website, so optimizing our approach to maximize signups and minimize churn will be important. If you lack direct experience with SaaS, you must be willing to learn and apply best practices.
    • Develop a marketing plan for the Reference sites. We believe we have just scratched the surface of our Reference sites' potential. The right plan will drive the growth of our company for the next 4-5 years.
    • Own the growth and product marketing functions at Sports Reference. Develop and track campaigns, create and implement product launch plans, find partners we should work with, and work with Business Intelligence to produce product ideas and feedback for our product team.
  • Execute marketing plan. As a small, growing company everyone must contribute to the execution of plans. You may need to be able to learn on the fly and must have a willingness to experiment and measure outcomes.
  • Events and Programs. Facilitate the planning of the modest number of events and programs Sports Reference sponsors throughout the year.
  • Sports Reference strives to be an innovative company, so we will expect you to keep up with new trends and tools that may benefit or threaten Sports Reference now or in the future.
    • This would include your ongoing professional development which we will support.
    • We also expect you to be an active, bold participant in regular management and company meetings.
    • This position will report directly to Sports Reference's President. You must be able to provide honest, frank feedback to your peers and to the person you report to.


A qualified candidate will satisfy the following:

  • Evidence that you have experience meeting many of the goals listed above, and that you are capable of meeting additional goals listed above.
  • Have a history of getting things done (and done well).
  • No degree is strictly required, though we would likely view a Bachelor’s or advanced degree as some evidence of the ability to get things done.


  • Sports Reference is located in Philadelphia and non-Philadelphia candidates will be considered on an equal footing to those who are local. As an important member of Sports Reference's management team, you will need to be able to meet multiple times a year (perhaps 3-6) for in-person meetings once it is safe to do so. Presently, all Sports Reference employees are working remotely, and we have no current plans to re-open our offices. When we re-open, likely more than half of our workforce will be full-time remote.
  • This is a full-time position.
  • Applicant is preferred to have a legal right to work in the United States. Please let us know in your application if you do not have the right to work in the United States. We'd have to look carefully at those cases as we have never hired a non US-based employee.

Sports Reference is a growing company with 15 employees, so your work will be highly visible and have a definite and immediate impact (Read about us in the New York Times and The Athletic ($)). We reach over fifteen million users each month and served over 1.3 billion pages in 2020.


Even though we are a small company, Sports Reference has a generous benefits package.

  • We cover full health and dental insurance costs for full-time employees and their dependent children. Spouses may enroll at employee expense.
  • We have a Simple IRA retirement plan with Edward Jones and match up to 3% of your annual salary.
  • We pay all premiums for life and long-term disability insurance for all employees.
  • We provide up to $7,000/year in continuing education benefits.
  • In normal times, even if you live in or near Philly, you have the option to work remotely multiple days a week, and your work hours are generally yours to determine. For now, all work is remote.
  • Any parent welcoming a new child to their family is entitled to 13 weeks of fully paid leave, and up to an additional 26 weeks at half-time.
  • Employees begin with 18 days vacation per year (and earn up to 30) and an additional 7 paid company holidays.
  • Annual bonuses tied to a percentage of the company's end of year profits.
  • Salaries commensurate with your ability level and experience.
  • We will generally buy you whatever equipment will make you the most productive.
  • We typically pay for moving-related expenses if you are relocating to Philadelphia.

Sports Reference LLC does not discriminate in employment decisions on the basis of race, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, religion, military service eligibility, veteran status, marital status, disability, membership in any other protected classes, or on the basis of sports franchise preferences.

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