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SEO Manager

SEO Manager

This job has closed but is shown for context on data science work at Scorpion.
As the SEO Manager, you will be responsible for providing the SEO strategy to set a client’s website up for success. You will work closely with the Digital Project Manager and delivery leadership to build effective strategies for large franchise accounts, activate them, and communicate them to the client. You are responsible for being an expert in Search Engine Optimization and you need to have a good knowledge of Google Analytics. In this role, you will utilize insights from Google Analytics to formulate user and journey analysis along with SEO fundamentals to deliver findings and make recommendations that inform site map strategy, content streaty and drive growth. You will be expected to focus your SEO efforts on determining the site map, content migration and the overall SEO and content strategy that will take into account SEO best practices and understanding of the client’s industry and the website user’s needs. You are expected to be able to communicate this strategy to the client in a visual and engaging way. Your top priority is to provide the highest value of SEO strategy to each client and be able to communicate it effectively and answer any client questions regarding that strategy. 

At times you may be required to write website page content. In those times you will be tasked to create topical valuable content pieces that serve each client’s marketing and SEO objectives. You must be capable of researching and writing about specific, niche topics relevant to the vertical in which the client does business -- to do this you must be flexible, self-sufficient, and a quick learner.


    • Completing an in-depth SEO analysis of the client’s current website including sitemap recommendations (structure, page names, redirects, etc.), copied content analysis and domain analysis/recommendations
    • Analyzing Google Analytics for performance and SEO insights that will help build the SEO strategy
    • Determine new sitemap structure and content strategy to present to client
    • Understanding the client’s SEO goals and expectations (communicating with the marketing team to uncover SEO goals and ensuring client’s keywords reflect their business and SEO goals)
    • Managing SEO requests from clients (delegating or executing)
    • Responding to questions about SEO and client campaigns from team members and/or client
    • Ensuring Google Search Console and Google Analytics are setup and accurate
    • Researching and proposing new ideas for locally and industry relevant backlink opportunities
    • Speaking to clients regarding the SEO strategy for the website and presenting that strategy in a powerpoint presentation format
    • Following written instructions and developing quality content that is grammatically correct and reflects the appropriate tone and objectives for the client


    • 2+ years of experience in a professional environment handling data-driven, problem-solving or detail-oriented tasks
    • 1+ years of SEO related experience is required
    • Digital marketing experience required and agency experience preferred
    • Experience writing digital content
    • In depth knowledge of Google Analytics Bachelor’s Degree preferred
    • Excellent written & verbal communication
    • Strong attention to detail
    • Precise critical thinking and problem solving skills
    • Proficient knowledge of Google Docs, Google Sheets and Outlook
    • In depth knowledge of Google Analytics Comfortable communicating with clients
This job has closed but is shown for context on data science work at Scorpion.
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