Oakland, CA
11-50 employees
Reinventing child welfare with technology.


Binti builds software with the goal of helping every child have a family. 400,000 children are currently in foster care in the US and millions are in orphanages around the world. 30% of the US’s homeless population and 25% of prison inmates experienced foster care as youth. It’s clear that children who don’t have families don’t have a fair chance at life and Binti wants to change this. Binti is a mission-driven, technology company based in Oakland, California.

Since our launch in 2016, we’ve helped over 12,000 families get approved to foster/adopt children and over 3,000 social workers use Binti as their primary workspace in the office and in the field. Binti partners with county and state governments in 21 states to improve the foster care system and has increased the number of families approved by 80% in areas it works in, making a meaningful impact on more children having families. We have a huge vision in foster care, adoption and beyond and are growing our team quickly to help us get there.

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